School kids, med students, even people just wanting to learn how to plug in their new toaster - everyone is using eLearning in one way or another. Corporations need safety, compliance, and new-hire training. Governments need to share information to multiple locations across vast distances. Manufacturers need to teach their end users how to assemble and use their products. Good thing I have the stamina, workflows, and organization to deliver your eLearning narration affordably and on time - EVERYTIME. You also don’t have to worry about future adjustments. I archive everything.


  1. Data Manager Tutorial

    Friendly - Articulate

  2. Custard Machine Maintenance

    Authoritative ~ Instructional

  3. Oxiteno

    Friendly ~ Conversational

  4. Bandsaw Blade Tutorial

    Instructor ~ Middle Age

  5. Industrial Safety Tutorial

    Clear ~ Informative


  1. Periorbital Cellulitis

    Instructional - Serious

  2. 5 Common Misconceptions about Hearing Loss

    Friendly - Professional

  3. Bleeding Disorders

    Dad character - Conversational - Casual

  4. Lumbar Puncture

    Technical - Instructional

  5. BACS Surgical Planner

    Product Training for Surgeons - Instructional - Formal

  6. Dako Omnis Training Video

    Lab Training - Upbeat - Corporate


  1. Evaluating Creative ~ Internal Training

    Conversational ~ Corporate

  2. Benefit Connect

    Conversational ~ Upbeat

  3. ETF Tutorial

    Friendly ~ instructional

  4. Remit Reporting

    Casual ~ Middle Age


  1. Credit by Exam

    Instructor ~ Informational