My grandfather collected cars. As a kid I loved sitting in all of the different and ineresting vehicles he had. Although he had some rare and exotic vehicles, my favorites were his '78 Ford F 150 which he actually let me drive around his ranch, and his beater '58 Chevy pick up in which I learned to drive stick. His love of cars came just as naturally to me. As an adult, I have always felt that cars are the spice of life. From my loud and proud '66 Chevelle, ultra reliable '85 Forerunner, super fun '99 Audi A4, to the dreamy road feel of my Saab 9-3, or "The Luxury Tractor,"my '09 X5 diesel, I have loved them all dearly. Naturally, I bring this passion to your automotive voice over reads. Plus, I deliver with the speed and reliability one would expect from anything automotive.